Warning: May contain strong language and atheism

For the uninitiated, there are things you should know about me. I’ve become decreasingly tolerant of Western-consumerist-profit-uber-alles bullshit and increasingly outspoken in favour of alternative ideologies. I’m a militant atheist, anti-religion, pro-socialist, anti-capitalist, pro-GLBT, anti-ignorance, pro-choice, foul-mouthed, independent, opinionated, sex-positive woman.

I say fuck a lot, in all its forms. A lot like this magnificent bastard, but always with immaculate spelling.

This is relevant because I’ll likely make sweeping judgments on what I see out there next year. I’m sure at some point I’ll revise my positions to adopt a more moderate, constructive approach, but I plan on being mobilised (what’s the point otherwise?) and I’m bound to get angered by what I see as it relates to:

  • Marine issues (overfishing and its associated evils, ocean pollution)
  • Exploitation of human and other natural resources
  • North American cultural imperialism
  • Religion
  • Equality issues
  • Various unforeseen things

On the other hand, I may end up bitching less that expected. Bolivia’s Evo Morales is slowly ridding his country of US imperialism, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez has certainly been unambiguous about his intentions. This may yet become a celebration of my burgeoning values. Yet another great reason to visit South America.

In short: “Oh, my views offend you? You should hear the ones I keep to myself.”


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