The Bolivian curveball

Since Bolivia is the most interesting country in South America (diversity of people, places and politics), it makes sense in this cruel and bitter world that this is the only country in the region for which you would need a visa before leaving your country of origin. It’s even more fitting that they only issue visas for 30-day stays (maximum).

Shatteringly beautiful salt flats in Bolovia. Photo courtesy psyberartist/Flickr

Bummerville. I was non-planning on getting stuck there for way more than a month, because it’s cheap (accommodation and sundry are half-price compared to Chile and Argentina) and it’s so … interesting. From Andean peaks to shimmering, deserted salt flats in the east/southeast to the Amazon basin (the area around Río Madidi is the most biodiverse place on earth), the Bolivian Road of Death (yee-haw) and the Yungas (two words: cloud forest), it’s so many worlds in a small, landlocked country.

Photo courtesy Joe Lazarus/Flickr

Then there’s the Che Guevara trail, the Jesuit missionary ruins, San Pedro Prison (La Paz).

I’ve applied for my visa through Tessa at Entique Travel now but I intend on pushing my luck once I get to the relevant immigration office in La Paz. Judging by the visa requirements, all they’re really after is the money. They didn’t ask for proof of employment or bank statements. They don’t require an interview. Perhaps we can come to some kind of “agreement”.

Yo Evo, I dig you, I dig your people! Let’s do lunch and talk about this. I’ll be in Uyuni around 16 April. Call me ok!


3 thoughts on “The Bolivian curveball

  1. Mail me – we had endless hassles finding out (even from Bolivian consulate in Argentina). In the end, got it at the border – for free – but had to fill in reams of paperwork and they photostatted every passport stamp!

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