Iguazu Falls, via Foz do Iguacu

I am unable to wrap my head around Iguazu Falls – raw, powerful, massive. I’ll ask the pictures (so many, edited down from 190. Will write about the memory card incident a little later) to speak for themselves, but even then there’ll be a silence that can be filled only by the mighty roar of the river. I visited Iguazu on my second day at Klein Hostel in Foz do Iguacu  (think it was, um, last Thursday, 17 January), a really great hostel should you ever find yourself in this corner of Brazil.

IMG_0003 (1024x576)

This is the first thing you see when the bus drops you off at the first bus stop, after you’ve entered the park. Entrance is pretty steep at R$41 (but in line with most other major tourist attractions around the world) but once you’re there all transport etc is included. Food is not included, you’d be well advised to bring your own.

So that’s the first thing you see, and it’s pretty impressive. I stood there for ages, trying to take it all in. Little did I know…

IMG_0011 (1024x576)

I suppose this is Iguazu’s version of the dassie, except it’s more of a baboon in terms of aggression levels. The coati (member of the raccoon family) have been fed by tourists, ai, and now live on sugar and processed carbs. I saw one guy fight a German tourist for a can of Coke. They’re not huge but I’m sure they could do some pretty bad damage.


IMG_0015 (1024x768)

The trail ambles along under dappled sunlight, if memory serves me it’s about 1.6km short, very easy. I did it twice. And the views are, well:

IMG_0018 (768x1024) IMG_0023 (1024x768)

Other than the coati I saw no wildlife, no birds, a few bugs, and this guy:

IMG_0032 (1024x683)

Up and down a few times and some kind of commotion ahead of me. Smoke rising from a river …

IMG_0037 (1024x576)

And rainbows, as promised.

IMG_0039 (1024x576)

Mucho touristo. (Mucho mucho.)

IMG_0044 (1024x576)

And then, something I wasn’t expecting.

IMG_0046 (1024x576) IMG_0058 (1024x683) IMG_0062 (1024x576) IMG_0063 (1024x1024) IMG_0065 (1024x576)

Below is the first platform along this boardwalk that could not have been easy or simple to build. Thanks Brazilian guys for making this happen!

IMG_0091 (1024x576) IMG_0092 (1024x576)

Selfie time to the max! That smile is genuine, I may or may not have shed a little tear as I tried to swallow the scene with all six senses. (I did.)

IMG_0099 (1024x576) IMG_0107 (1024x576)

Below is the view of the first set of falls I saw, before the main falls (above). At this point you are entirely wrapped by falling water. Awesome in the true sense of the word.

Also, perfect sky. No PhotoShop.

IMG_0110 (576x1024)


IMG_0113 (1024x683)

But wait, there’s more! You get to go up a level via steps – stood there for a few more lifetimes – and then another level via elevator.

IMG_0131 (1024x576)

Top level, view to the ground through the vertigo-heavy grids. Queasy.

IMG_0134 (1024x683)

Vertigo forgotten.

IMG_0141 (1024x576) IMG_0143 (576x1024) IMG_0149 (1024x576)

Below: Yonder thar you see the Argentinian side of the falls, which I didn’t get to (will write about that too).  I am told it’s more of a sausage factory and you don’t have time to amble and loiter, though there are monkeys and butterflies and more tourists.

IMG_0167 (1024x576) IMG_0177 (1024x576)

This was … an awesome day.


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