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Seen in Corrientes

As with all three actual cities that I have been in so far, there is loads of art – traditional and contemporary and formal and informal – all around. Statues and graffiti and murals and busts abound in Corrientes. I really should take better notes.

(See also Beco do Batman in Sao Paolo.)

IMG_0039 (576x1024)

Something something religion something AIDS something juxtaposition

corrientes city (11)

1970s Dirty War; Videla: “Isn’t the World Cup great?” Woman: “Excuse me, but you didn’t happen to see my son?” Look up “Las Madresde la Plaza de Mayo”

corrientes city (10)

On one of the pillars of the bridge to Resistencia. Stared at this for a while. Corrientes is so far one of the few places where I’ve seen “aborigines” as they are called here represented extensively in both traditional and non-traditional artforms

corrientes city (13)

A taragüi woman

corrientes city (6) ??????????

corrientes city (21)

Possibly Evita. But how’s that sky


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