Since I’ll be carrying my house on my back for a year, I gotta keep it light. My backpack currently weighs 9.4kg (including a 1.8kg tent) and I’ll be sorry if I push it any further.

This page is mainly for those who are thinking of doing a similar thing and need some ideas on what people are taking; I’ll be updating it as I change my mind.

I definitely don’t want to look like Carrie fuckin’ Bradshaw as I travel through South America, and I’m pleased that I won’t be taking a new bag full of new stuff. I’m all for hand-me-downs, things I’ve had for years, rustic traveller stuff.

Haven’t finalised all the clothing yet, but I should only end up taking:

  • 1 X long pants for hiking etc
  • 1 X light jeans to travel and socialise in
  • 1 X shorts
  • 2 X long-sleeved tops
  • 2 X vests
  • 1 X T-shirt
  • 1 X good fleece jersey
  • 1 X wind resistant jacket
  • 1 X rain jacket, light
  • 1 X all-purpose dress (tough one)
  • 1 X pair of hiking shoes (Hi Tec)
  • 1 X flip flops (which I’ll replace with Havaianas when I get to their country of origin)
  • Underwear for a week
  • 1 X bikini
  • 1 X sarong

Gadgets are few ’cause money is tight; and after much wracking of the brain I’ve decided to keep it simple. This just minimises stress and risk. There’s also something to be said for using the senses to record the experience; I’m sure it’ll add to the pleasure.

  • 1 X Canon PowerShot G1x – a beaut! And birthday present form my folks. Love you!
  • 1 X netbook, the one I saw at Incredible Connection, purchase pending.
  • 1 X cellphone – at the moment it looks like I’ll take my basic as shit Nokia unless I can get my paws on a smartphone. Smartphone would be great for translation and map apps, and tweeting and pics on the road, but, man, admin and expenses. Fuckit.

So stoked about this tent.

My idea of travel essentials aren’t luxury items. I’m looking for stuff that’ll simplify the journey and lighten the load.

  • 1 X travel towel, it weighs nothing!
  • 1 X emergency space blanket (thanks Jim!) and emergency poncho (thanks Dad!)
  • combination lock and steel wire mesh for long-haul travelling (Dad.)
  • 1 x one-man tent – this is going to save me so much money. Got an excellent specimen from Outdoor Warehouse in Bloemfontein. ZAR799 for a 360 Degrees tent; bargain and very light and compact. It weighs 1.8kg and fits into the backpack.
  • Weightless camping “mattress” (thanks Dad!)
  • A spork (I just had to)
  • Discreet wallets, tiny torch and headlamp
  • South America plug adaptor (Dad)
  • A notebook (OK, I’m taking two) and one book to read, which I’ll exchange when and where I can.
  • Daypack, also from 360 Degrees. Will hold the laptop nicely.
  • 80 litre bright red backpack, ya can’t miss me! (Thanks Mom and Dad. This bag has a story, too.)
  • Certified copies of my passport and yellow fever vaccinations, and travel insurance policy number

This list is already way too long. Back to the drawing board.

Latest gear pic, November 2012; will update when the collections is complete. Tent is smaller than the mattress! Booyah


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